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Seasons Greetings!
This holiday season you can give your friends and family the gift that keeps on giving. You can help them deck the halls of congress with colorful impeachment petitions! Impeach for Peace has created holiday impeachment cards that allow your friends and family to initiate the impeachment process. Impeach for Peace created the Holiday Impeachment image, and researched a company that will allow you to send jumbo sized postcards along with a personalized message using your web browser. The cost of sending these holiday greetings ranges from $1.30 to $1.85/card depending on how many you send. (Impeach for Peace receives no funds from these holiday greetings.)

Great for Christmas, Quanza, Haunakha, or Solstice.

To send your festive holiday greetings, follow these instructions. To learn more about this legal method of initition impeachment, as well as how this method has been used in the past, click here.

• Go to:

• Click the "Sign-up" button near the bottom of their webpage.

• Follow the directions for creating an account.

• Click on this link -->

*You should now have a second browser window open showing the image that will appear on the holiday greeting.*

• Use your browser's "Save As" function to save this image to your computer (depending on the browser/computer, you can right/left click the image to get this function, or use the pull down menu titled "File").

• Return to the amazingmail browser window and click on the "Start a Postcard Mailing" link located at the upper lefthand corner.

• Click on the right arrow button located next to the words "5.5 x 11.5." (This is the Jumbo card)

• Click on the right arrow button next to the words "Side Address."

• Click on the "Choose File" button, located on the righthand column.

• Locate the image you saved on your computer.The file name should be "DIYPostcard.jpg"

• Click the right arrow button next to the word "Continue."

• After the file is done uploding, showing will b a preview of the card. Click on the "Continue" button.

• Skip this "Enter Front Text" page by clicking on the "Continue" button.

• Click on the right arrow button next to the words "Use No Image Here."

• Type a message to your friends/family introducing them to the DIY Impeachment. For example:
Happy Holidays!
What better gift to give this holiday season than the restoration of our democracy? Over this past year, Bush has become an even greater threat to our Constitution. Lucky for us, the rules of the US House of Representatives allow for individual citizens like you and I to initiate the impeachment process directly! Just follow the instructions on the reverse side of this card. This process was successfully used to impeach in the past. For more information about this memorial (or how to give your own gift of impeachment), go to
Have a merry impeachment this season!

• Format your text however you'd like it and click the "Continue" button.

*On this page you can either import the addresses of the individuals to whom you would like to send your card, or your can add them individually.*

• To import addresses, click on the right arrow key next to the words "Import Addresses" and follow the directions.

• To add addresses individually, click on the right arrow key next to "Add an Address."
Fill in the contact information for the recipient and click "Save."
Repeat the previous two steps until all of your recipients have been added.
Then click the right arrow button next to the word "Continue."

• Choose the correct return address in this window and click "Continue."

• Click on the right arrow button next to the words "Leave the Accent Image Blank."

• Choose the date you would like for the postcard to be mailed, and click "Continue."

• Click the box that reads "I have reviewed the PDF file and would like to send my mailing," and click "Continue."

• On this "Purchase Cards" screen, click "Continue" .

• Fill in your billing information and click "Continue."

• On the "Confirm Purchase" page, click "Continue."

Coming Soon!
Birthday Cards
Everyday Cards

Congratulations for spreading holiday cheer and restoring our democracy!

"I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we're really talking about peace."
Bush, June 18, 2002

"War is Peace"
Big Brother in George Orwell's 1984
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