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November 24, 2006

Not Out of the Northwoods Yet, Folks

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(As published on OpEdNews November 25th, 2006)


I have found myself grinning, skipping, humming, whistling and singing quite often over the last couple of weeks. Haven’t you?

“(The) Deep, Deep Breath” that William Rivers Ritt wrote so beautifully about has given all of us who clearly see this eminent threat from within our own government marvelous new life in our opposition to this grave assault upon our great nation.

I am as thrilled as the next patriot activist about the results of the November 7th elections, but here is a strong dose of reality: Laws have been enacted that have destroyed nearly all of our Constitutional protections and have given the President nearly unlimited authority.

As the bloodthirsty teeth of these neocon traitors are wrenched from the leg of power, there is a very strong chance that they may snarl and snap viciously at those of us who would like to see their infestation into the seats of power in our government come to an early demise.

As much as I want you all to thoroughly enjoy your holidays and wish you a happy return to “normal” life, I hope that none of you are dropping your guard or easing up in your commitment to see justice served to those that would do our country such great harm. Without justice, there can never be lasting peace – nor a lasting guarantee that we will continue to be safe from the tyrannical “bullet” we just dodged.

Watch your backs, and help us watch the backs of those doing the courageous work of bringing these impostors posing as public servants to justice.

The following is from Our Long National Nightmare Has Just Begun: Like Cornered Rats, GOP Losers More Dangerous Than Ever by Ted Rall | Nov 9 2006:

“Now the dark men who engineered America’s post-9/11 police state have watched the public reject their policies. The incoming Democratic majority Congress will be able to hold hearings and launch investigations that could lead to their indictments and removal from office. John Dingell, the liberal incoming chairman of the Commerce Committee did nothing to dissuade GOP fears of “a blizzard of subpoenas”: “As the Lord High Executioner said in ‘The Mikado,'” Dingell recently joked, “I have a little list.”
A year of crisis commences.

As ugly secrets surface, Bushists will turn desperate. Democracy has failed their grand schemes; token resignations like Rumsfeld’s come too little, too late. Only tyranny can save their skins. Will the beleaguered neocons led by Cheney and Bush, cornered like rats, unleash their brand-new police state on their political opponents? Or will they tough it out and suck up the fines and prison sentences to come? The next year or two could go either way.

The nightmare is not over.”

Indeed, as these “cornered rats” scramble to avoid the disinfectant light of truth shining into the festering bowels in which they slither, we precariously hang just one real, imagined or feigned “act of terror” away from plunging headlong into the abyss of an authoritarian, tyrannical coast-to-coast crackdown. That “Deep, Deep Breath” could be crushed out of all of us very, very quickly.

The laws are already in place.

“The Decider” still has one finger on the button, with nine fingers still left with which to accuse any who dare oppose him. Now he has the legal authority to have them “disappeared” – even U.S. Citizens. Really. Your letter writing neighbor. Your peace protesting daughter. Your husband who has vigorously researched 9/11 Truth.


Those that we have been told to believe planned 9/11 are still at large – that trail abandoned on the road to greater profits in Iraq. Those that financed 9/11 have never been pursued. Those that profited from prior knowledge of 9/11 have also been granted a free pass. Those that prearranged for exercises to keep our Air Force out of range and then “stood down” to allow 9/11 to take place still occupy the Executive Branch of our government. Those that have steadfastly resisted every effort to uncover the real truth of what happened to us on 9/11 have more than two years left to strategize and strike as public and political pressure builds on them to “come clean” with every new incriminating piece of evidence that emerges.

And you wonder why the new Democratic majority in Congress is stepping very gingerly? Over the past few decades liberals and progressives have been steadily dying in curious plane crashes, assassinated in highly suspect shootings, have been mailed military grade anthrax, forced to hold Congressional Hearings in dank basements, have had the homes of their children raided, been called traitors and told by tyrants that they were “either with us or with the terrorists”.

Watch your backs.

Watch their backs.

When the neocons were peripheral figures in Washington D.C. they were known as “The Crazies” according to former Chief CIA Analyst Ray McGovern who directly advised Presidents Kennedy through Papa Bush in the White House. Take a look at what has happened to Liberals and Progressives, Whistle Blowers and outspoken Democrats in the ascent to power by “the Crazies”. What might they attempt as they are removed?

Do not let down your guard.

November 17, 2006

How Terrorists Are Made

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Little boys throwing rocks at soldiers are dragged behind a fence and beaten savagely:

This is Why They Hate Us – from: Prison Planet


As an adult victim of childhood violence I can testify personally to the fact that these kids will struggle their whole lives with deeply seated rage and fantasies of retaliation against those that abused them. Some will work it out. Some will act it out. Some will beat on others. Some will build roadside bombs and become snipers against those that they consider their oppressors. After watching this video would that come as a surprise?

November 14, 2006

Impeachment: A Moral Imperative

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(As published on OpEdNews November 15th, 2006)


I am hearing the following specious argument from various sources: Now that the “good guys” will rule the roost, all is well in D.C. and it is best just to ignore the past and let Pied Piper Pelosi guide us into an American Eden full of buttercups and lollipops and free beer for all.

I am also hearing a veritable Greek chorus of: “Impeachment will never happen” from those that actually do think it would be a great idea if it were possible.

That ain’t the way a participatory democratic republic works, folks.

No doubt the future is suddenly much, much brighter. House Representative Pelosi’s (D-CA) “First 100 Days” plan is a good one, certainly. The talk of finally extricating ourselves from the Iraq debacle is welcome news as is discussion of reversing the potential horrors of the Military Commissions Act and other horrible recent pieces of legislation.

The Democratic Congress’ positive agenda will move our country forward, repairing some of the damage done and innovatively breaking new ground as well. Even actual conservatives can look forward to the end of this NeoCon tangent and work for the restoration of fiscal conservativism, citizen privacy, “States Rights” and smaller, less invasive government with a balance of power among the three branches again.

Choosing to ignore the past, however, would be as naive as a victim of domestic assault not wanting to press charges. The result will eventually be more of the same. You are just going to get beaten again, and probably much more viciously. It is not a matter of “if”, but “when” – maybe next time to death.

We were bitten by a snake. The wound must be lanced and the venom removed, or it will leech into our collective bloodstream and inevitably target our national heart. Allowing this wound to “heal over” not only won’t lead to a healthy future, it will assure the exact opposite.

Crimes have been committed. Not a few. Very, very many. Not just the break-in of a campaign office or a President getting lipstick on his cigar in the Oral Office. People have died because of these crimes – the lives of hundreds of thousands of families irretrievably destroyed. Some of these crimes are gross violations of the Geneva Accords and Nuhremberg Principles – identical to those for which Nazis were convicted and put to death. Our national treasury has been looted to the benefit of crony corporations. Our international reputation is in shambles. Our global Intelligence capabilities have been severely, treasonously compromised. The Constitution has had its throat cut and is lying in the gutter with no promise of a single Democratic Senator bending a knee to save its life.

The investigative work into prewar lies and related matters by Representative John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI). is already well underway. An excellent preliminary treatise: “George W. Bush versus the U.S. Constitution” has been researched and published by his staff.

The Center for Constitutional Rights, The Bush Crimes Commission, World Can’t Wait, After Downing Street and ImpeachforPeace.org, among others, have laid out remarkably comprehensive reports on the crimes of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and their Administration.

The case for impeachment is undeniably solid. Conyers will head the Judiciary Committee with the threat of full subpoena power if needed to rapidly confirm the crimes we are already aware of. More crimes are likely to be unearthed in the process as the antiseptic of truth throws light on this dark era.

New head of the Government Reform Committee, Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA) has said that “I’m going to have an interesting time because (the GRC) has jurisdiction over everything…” and “The most difficult thing will be to pick and choose.” (AP).

We are a nation of laws. No American is above the law. The appropriate remedy for the temporary resident public servants in federal offices who violate the law is impeachment. We aren’t shopping for shoes here, Condi. This isn’t an optional step. This is prosecution of law deeply seated in the Constitution of the United States as it used to exist – indeed our very, inalienable moral fiber. To not enforce these laws is to set ourselves up for history to repeat itself in short order. To not undo the new preposterously overgrown Executive authority is to invite some future President – ANY future President – to snap his or her fingers and become a virtual dictator in a heartbeat. To “do nothing” would be a slap in the face of every patriot who bled for our freedoms. Give me liberty.

The Nancy Pelosi-led (D-CA) House will continue to advance a positive agenda in other committees and votes as the information made public during House hearings led by Waxman and Conyers should quickly make an impeachment recommendation unavoidable. In short order a recommendation to impeach should reach the floor of the House for a vote.

A simple majority in the House voting to recommend impeachment to the Senate should be a “slam dunk” after the public finally more fully awakens from its FAUXnews-induced slumber. They will become apprised of the full devious intent of these traitors and DEMAND that their Representatives sign onto the bill that will replace H.R. 635 – which expired along with the Bill of Rights and Habeas Corpus as the heinous 109th Congress recessed.

There is the kicker. It is up to us. It is up to you. The “People’s House” must hear from us. Your Representative must hear from you. Four Hundred and Thirty Five Representatives must be buried in letters, e-mails, phone calls and visits demanding thorough investigations leading to impeachment. If they “drag anchor” on us, then veteran and first-time protesters must take up permanent residence outside their offices and expose their complicity.

What will this mean? Does it mean we’ll get another “President Dick”? Hardly. Vice President Cheney, who has indicated he may ignore subpoenas, will be triple indicted for every “W” crime revealed and could easily be convicted through “open source” evidence discovered by a googling High School “C” student. Richard “Stand Down” Cheney may quickly resign for “health reasons” in hope of a rapid “skapegoat” conviction and a Presidential pardon for confirmed felonies before the flood of evidence reaches the top office. This would force Bush into a situation akin to his recent campaigning where some candidates were “no-shows” for fear of adverse association with this President and his now 31% approval rating.

How eager are national Republicans facing re-election to have this President, whose approval rating has scuttled to a depth to which neither Nixon nor Clinton ever suffered, to be the national face of their party in the two year run-up to the election of 2008 which commenced November 8th?

Of course Pelosi, Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean and even Conyers have downplayed impeachment – as they should. It isn’t up to them. It isn’t up to the House. It isn’t up to the new Democratic Senate majority. An impeachment conviction requires a two thirds vote in the Senate. It will be up to the Republican Senate minority.

More to the fact, it is up to you. You are the one you have been waiting for. Your vote on November 7th was critical. Your commitment to holding this Administration comprehensively accountable is absolutely essential.

Senate Republicans, if handed a recommendation to impeach by the House will be faced with a very tough choice as the world watches them confront a most stubborn, arrogant and unrepentent Connecticut Cowboy President and his mephistophelian inner circle:

a). Fight impeachment and continue to be revealed as rubber-stamping, lickspittle enablers of Treasonous War Criminals who were intent on a heavy-handed crackdown and takeover of all things American. Vote “No” and get washed out in the second Blue Wave of 2008.

b). Play the “I had no idea all of this was going on” card to desperately distance themselves from Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Abramoff, Ney, DeLay, Foley, et al, vote “Yes” and possibly hang onto their cushy position of power through the next election cycle.

Would you go down with this Titanic?

Impeachment isn’t a good or bad idea. Impeachment is a moral imperative. It is the proper remedy prescribed by our founding fathers for circumstances precisely such as these. Impeachment is essential for the hope of future health of our nation.

We the People must impeach those who regard America, its military, its electorate and a soverign foreign nation simply resources to exploit in order to fatten their bank accounts and expand their personal power.

Leaders all over the nation are calling out for justice. Follow, or get the hell out of our way.

~ Mikael Rudolph, American Citizen damn proud of that fact once again.

November 10, 2006

Investigate, Indict, Impeach

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As published on OpEdNews


“Exit polls reported that voters by a margin of 62-33 percent voted on national, not local, issues. They voted for four, closely-bunched national reasons: corruption, terrorism, the economy, and Iraq. By 57-41 percent they disapproved of Bush’s handling of Iraq. They didn’t give a damn about taxes or “values” or local pork.”

from: A Bulk Rate on Printing Subpoenas? By David Swanson

There can be no denying now that America’s citizens are in strong agreement that a drastic change of direction is absolutely needed and that governmental corruption is the foremost issue that must addressed immediately. The years of the Presidency of George W. Bush will be remembered as a pathetic display of pervasive incompetence, corruption and cronyism at best, and as a treasonous horror pushing us to the precipice of the downfall of this glorious Republic at worst as multiple investigations commence in January.

The leaders have already stepped up. They ran for office – and many won, they made phone calls, they went door-to-door, they petitioned, they wrote their editors, they debated with their friends, they protested, they blogged, they fought voter suppression and election fraud. They voted. Many broke with their political party in order to do so. And they prayed.

The leaders, true American citizen patriots who sooner or later saw clearly through the smokescreen of the corporate media, the partisan hack ideologues and the religious hypocrites – are back in charge of the nation.

The leaders: Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Jews, Buddhists, et al – who saw through the “Christian” facade of the Radical Republican Christian Right wolves – the wolves who stole their way into power in the bloodless coup of 2000 and have been covertly pursuing their war profiteering, citizen suppressing agenda while lying to, terrifying and distracting us for six ardous years. The true leaders have fired the false ones, or at least many of their enablers and abetters. That was the best we could do – for now.

The leaders – the people – are back in power. To those that led, thank you. To those that didn’t:

Follow, or get the hell out of the way.

We are taking our nation back.

Tuesday’s election was ultimately a scathing, pervasive indictment by the majority of voting Americans of the incredibly misguided, corrupt, immoral leadership of President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and their entire Administration.

A mandate, indeed.

When I slid my ballot into the voting machine at McRae Park in Minneapolis on Tuesday, the number “911” came up. I was the nine hundred and eleventh voter at my precinct polling place. A coincidence to be sure, but 911 represents two things:

1). An emergency call. This election was an emergency. The health, perhaps even the continued existence of our nation a we know it was at risk. It was the most important election of my lifetime – maybe of our nation’s 230 year history.

2). 9/11. The events of September 11th, 2001 provided the justification for a comprehensive assault on the “inalienable” freedoms, liberties and identifiable character of Americans as codified in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights as well as our commitment to the Geneva Accords, the Nuhremberg Principles, World Peace, and finally the innocent civilians of Iraq.

The events of September 11th, 2001 also were used to justify the theft of billions of dollars from the U.S. Treasury as funneled into Halliburton, Bechtel, Brown & Root and other “CheneyCo” and “CheneyCrony” bank accounts as well as billions of dollars in resources rightfully owned by the Iraqi people.

The events of 9/11 could not have possibly taken place without inside help. That isn’t conspiracy theory, that is fact.

The planes could not have possibly gotten through to their targets without a “stand down” order – possibly by the same man who arranged long before to have most of our SAC fighters out of range for “exercises”.

The towers in New York City could not have fallen as they did except as controlled demolitions. See “911 Mysteries: Demolitions”. The inner core verticle columns must have been severed. There is ample evidence from photographs of angle cuts on the columns, video footage of dozens of “squibs” as well as traces of thermite found at the scene.

Parts of Flight 93 could not have been scattered over seven miles without exploding in mid-air. Onboard bomb? Surface-to-Air missile? We need to know.

Cell phones from Flight 93 could not have reached family members on the ground. Ever tried? How far do you have to be from a tower before you lose a signal? How often do you lose your call when transferring from tower to tower? How quickly do transfers occur at 500 m.p.h.?

Treasonous bastards could not have nearly stolen America from us without 9/11: their “New Pearl Harbor”, so conveniently occuring ten months after the White House infestation began.

BushCo. would not have suppressed the 9/11 investigation for 411 days if they didn’t have something to hide.

The first order of business for the new Congress in January absolutely must be pervasive investigations into the events of 9/11 along with pre-war lies, FISA spying violations, cronyism contracts, billions of dollars missing in Iraq, connections with ENRON’s theft of California’s millions, torture and other war crimes, etc., etc., etc.

It is a brand new day. Let’s get to work. We’ve got a House of Representatives we must pressure. They have criminals to investigate, indict, convict and impeach. If they don’t, they must go out in the second Wave in 2008 no matter what their party affiliation.


The finest piece of writing I have come across this week:

A Deep, Deep Breath

By William Rivers Pitt
t r u t h o u t | Perspective

Thursday 09 November 2006

I will sew no silken seam on a fine May mornin’,
You can bide your time ’til your time runs out,
So take this as fair warning …

– “Shepherd Lad,” The Battlefield Band

Let us be absolutely clear on what has taken place. This was not simply a midterm election, not just a historic running of the table, not just a scathing repudiation of virtually everything the Bush administration has stood for since they swaggered into Washington six long years ago.

It was so very much more than this.

The back of the “Neo-conservative Revolution” has been broken, perhaps not for all time – simply because nothing truly evil ever really dies – but for a good long while. The ideology foisted upon an unwilling public by the likes of Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Ledeen and the rest, the ideology that has given us slaughter in Iraq and a ravaged reputation abroad, has been exposed and eviscerated. The Project for the New American Century, and all that was spawned from it, has been relegated, for now, to the dustbin of history.

As unutterably massive as this is, it still does not capture the entirety of the event.

There are many things that make the United States of America unique, but one stands out above all. Every other nation on Earth has within it cultural, religious or historical threads, often stretching back hundreds if not thousands of years, which bind its people together.

When you see the Orangemen march in Ireland, when you see the Serbs mark the anniversary of a massacre that happened 900 years ago, when you see the British celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, you are witnessing an echo out of time that, for good or ill, silently reminds the people of those countries that they have a shared heritage which stretches back dozens of generations.

The United States stands apart from this. We are an invention, the product of an idea, the children of a dream. We come from everywhere, and though our history is stained with far too much blood shed during the unfolding of our own history, the sum total is an amalgamation of the best and worst of the human experience. Nothing like this has ever existed anywhere, ever.

All we have to tie together this amazing and confusing experiment are a few old pieces of paper. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the only truths that each and every citizen of this country have completely in common. They are our unifying theme, our organizing principle, and we share this together because the basic idea was, and remains, that these belong to us and defend us and set us, now and forever, free.

It was not always so, and remains today a dream unfulfilled, but in the end, that was the genius of it all. These three documents, and the ideology behind them, were created to be self-improving entities. Much remains to be done to move along the “more perfect Union” Lincoln spoke of, and that work will never be completed … and that is the point. These things are ours, and they are all that we truly have to bind us together, and our purpose as citizens is to bend our will toward the creation of that more perfect Union.

Before the sun came up on Wednesday, that shared heritage had been under a savage, unrelenting attack by men and women who have no respect for the idea and the dream which makes us all that we are as a people. The right to a trial has been shattered, the right to stand before your accuser has been removed, the right to be secure in home and person from governmental intrusion has been swept by the boards, and all by a president who once referred to the Constitution as “just a God damned piece of paper.”

These cancers have not been cut out simply because of an election, of course. But the first, vital step towards repairing our shared heritage was taken on Tuesday night, simply because we have at long last returned to the basic Constitutional requirement of checks and balances within this government. No longer will the best interests of the people be slapped aside by people who have no patience for the process that was laid out by wiser and better men. Some logs have been thrown in the road, and for now, a real chance for healing has been gifted to us by the very democratic institutions these people would shun and shatter. The power of the vote, so often maligned and disdained, has been restored.

A more perfect Union, indeed.

Much remains to be done. The departure of Donald Rumsfeld from the Pentagon will not heal Iraq, nor will it bring back to life the soldiers and civilians who have died thanks to the hubris of others. The cornering of Dick Cheney has not sapped him of his power. George W. Bush remains an incurious front man whose very existence in that seat of power will stand as a constant threat to the safety and security of this nation and the world entire.

“U.S. envoy tells Iraqis election won’t change policy,” reads the Associated Press headline from Wednesday. That, in and of itself, says all we need to know about what remains to be done. For the first time in far too long, however, an opportunity has arrived to do more than scream into the thunderstorm and damn the rain.

The real work begins now.

William Rivers Pitt is a New York Times and internationally bestselling author of two books: War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn’t Want You to Know and The Greatest Sedition Is Silence. His newest book, House of Ill Repute: Reflections on War, Lies, and America’s Ravaged Reputation, will be available this winter from PoliPointPress.


“Chairman John Conyers Jr., Chairman Henry Waxman. Those titles will prove to be the most important outcome of yesterday’s elections, even if the Dems get the Senate too. It’s investigation and impeachment time. Vice President Cheney has already announced his plans to “probably” refuse to obey a subpoena from Congress. Democrats need to be preparing for that crisis now. And I don’t mean just elected Democrats. I mean you and everyone you know who has the sanity to no longer call themselves Republicans”

“Numerous national organizations are forming a coalition to advance impeachment through multiple strategies, and this is the moment to do it. Leaders of these groups will announce their plans in Philadelphia, across from Independence Hall, on Saturday, November 11th, as detailed here: http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/impeach”

From: A Bulk Rate on Printing Subpoenas?

By David Swanson
t r u t h o u t | Perspective

Wednesday 08 November 2006


Hypocrite of the year – NEOCON core member Richard Perle attempts to rewrite his personal history:

“I think if I had been delphic, and had seen where we are today, and people had said, ‘Should we go into Iraq?,’ I think now I probably would have said, ‘No, let’s consider other strategies….’ Could we have managed that threat by means other than a direct military intervention? Well, maybe we could have.”

– Richard Perle, former chair of the Defense Policy Board, and one of the key advocates of the invasion of Iraq. (Source: Vanity Fair)


November 9, 2006

War Criminal Convicted – Sentenced to Death

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Forced from power and convicted by a jury of his countrymen, one of the world’s most powerful leaders was sentenced to death by hanging recently for war crimes and crimes against humanity, including ordering the use of weapons of mass destruction, extreme rendition and torture techniques banned by the Geneva Accords as well as initiating a war of aggression in the Middle East.


Oh yeah… and Rummy FINALLY resigned.


November 8, 2006

Pelosi on Investigations: “You never know where it leads to”

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See Impeachment_front.jpg

Wonderful news all over the nation from yesterday’s mid-term elections. The House saw a Democratic gain of at least twenty seven seats and the majority, with thirteen races still too close to call as of this writing (the link below will update as final tallies come in):

New York Times Election Results

The Senate majority is as of yet undecided as the razor thin Montana vote was just called for Democrat Jon Tester. The remaining undecided race in Virginia shows Democrat James Webb with a lead of a third of a percentage point (6,708 votes out of approximately two and a half million cast) over racist George Allen. The best the Republicans can hope for at this point is a 50/50 split if Allen somehow pulls ahead in the inevitable recount.

Democrats gained six state Governorships as well, precisely flipping a 28-22 Republican advantage to a 28-22 Democratic advantage.

What does this mean to those of us committed to seeing an early end to the illegal, immoral regime of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, et al?

The tide has turned.

I am giddy to admit that my doubt and cynicism about the integrity of our elections was proven wrong – not that my fears were unjustified, mind you. Rather, the outstanding work of grassroots election guardians across the nation secured the voting system just enough for the true voice of America’s citizens to be heard, despite all ongoing efforts to subvert the democratic process.

This election was not decided by the dark hearts of the likes of Katherine Harris or Kenneth Blackwell, the aiders and abetters of the stolen Presidential elections of ’00 and ’04, it was decided by the enormous will and effort of an awakening nation. In perfect irony, both lost horribly in their efforts to win races for the Senate in Florida (60.3% – 38.1%) and Governor in Ohio (60.4%-36.8%), respectively.

More than anything this election has proved to be a pervasive public indictment of the tactics, policies, hubris and arrogance of George W. Bush and his entire administration.

Now the work begins.

As you see above, we are entirely ready to begin the second wave of efforts to see impeachment pushed to the forefront of the national discussion and debate. Investigations long suppressed by the Bush Administration into pre-war lies, FISA spying violations, 911 Truth, the outing of CIA NOC Valerie Plame, White House connections to ENRON, Jack Abramoff’s fundraising crimes, Mark Foley’s pedophilia protection, etc. are now in the hands of presumed new House Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers, Jr.

Conyers has received around a million DIY Impeachment letters from those of us who have downloaded and printed the .pdf from this site. We will be starting a new wave very soon.

A lot has been made of soon-to-be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s claim that impeachment is “off the table”:

Pelosi on 60 Minutes

But it is critical to note that in a Washington Post interview…

‘ …Pelosi said a Democratic-controlled House would launch investigations of the administration on energy policy and other matters. She said impeachment would not be a goal of the investigations, but she added: “You never know where it leads to.” ‘

Democrats Won’t Try To Impeach President

This is simple political wisdom on Pelosi’s part. Investigations into “energy policy” coming from a California Representative, whose constituency was robbed of millions of dollars by Bush buddy “Kenny Boy” Lay’s ENRON, is going to lead to a lot, and she knows it – including a subpoena demanding details from covert meetings between Cheney, Lay and others before that major swindle.

The reason it is the best choice to minimize the threat of impeachment is that investigations will now ensue with full subpoena power in the hands of John Conyers, whose already published report: “George W. Bush versus the U.S. Constitution – The Downing Street Memos and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution, and Coverups in the Iraq War and Illegal Demestic Spying” makes perfectly clear where it should lead – full accountability for multiple crimes and misdemeanors for the President, Vice President and his administration:

Order: “George W. Bush versus the U.S. Constitution” from Amazon

Once the truth is on the table, the American public will no longer be able to sustain the denial that this is a criminal regime long since being worthy of holding public office. At that point it will be the Republicans in the Senate – either sharing the majority or in the minority – who will face the difficult choice of (a) maintaining their pathetic enablement of these criminals and risking going down with their sinking ship, or to (b) “see the light” and attempt to play the “I had no idea this was going on” card and abandon them to their fate.

It was the Republicans in the Senate who were going to impeach President Nixon and convinced him to resign instead. It will be the Republicans again who will be forced to confront President Bush to chose between stepping down or facing an impeachment trial.

It is our job to insist that the Democrats in the House force them to do just that.

November 6, 2006

Vote Conservative Tomorrow

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Vote tomorrow. Not with your party, but with your brain.

True conservatives who value fiscal responsibility, individual liberties, privacy, State’s Rights, small government; respecting, supporting and defending those who serve in our military; family values such as honesty, integrity and honor, etc., including Pat Buchanan’s “The American Conservative” are calling for the end of this pseudo-Republican Bush regime and the GOP congress that has miserably failed the Conservatives, Christians and Republicans who ushered them into office six long years ago:

The American Conservative Magazine website is down right now. This isn’t surprising – nor do I believe that it is a coincidence, considering how damning the following editorial is to the GOP chances tomorrow. Because of that, the best link I can give you is the one below – that of independent online news source Truthout’s quoting of the article:

GOP Must Go – from “The American Conservative”

Vote tomorrow. Vote with your whole brain, not just the party you identify with:



GOP Must Go
The American Conservative | Editorial

20 November 2006 Issue

Next week Americans will vote for candidates who have spent much of their campaigns addressing state and local issues. But no future historian will linger over the ideas put forth for improving schools or directing funds to highway projects.

The meaning of this election will be interpreted in one of two ways: the American people endorsed the Bush presidency or they did what they could to repudiate it. Such an interpretation will be simplistic, even unfairly so. Nevertheless, the fact that will matter is the raw number of Republicans and Democrats elected to the House and Senate.

It should surprise few readers that we think a vote that is seen-in America and the world at large-as a decisive “No” vote on the Bush presidency is the best outcome. We need not dwell on George W. Bush’s failed effort to jam a poorly disguised amnesty for illegal aliens through Congress or the assaults on the Constitution carried out under the pretext of fighting terrorism or his administration’s endorsement of torture. Faced on Sept. 11, 2001 with a great challenge, President Bush made little effort to understand who had attacked us and why-thus ignoring the prerequisite for crafting an effective response. He seemingly did not want to find out, and he had staffed his national-security team with people who either did not want to know or were committed to a prefabricated answer.

As a consequence, he rushed America into a war against Iraq, a war we are now losing and cannot win, one that has done far more to strengthen Islamist terrorists than anything they could possibly have done for themselves. Bush’s decision to seize Iraq will almost surely leave behind a broken state divided into warring ethnic enclaves, with hundreds of thousands killed and maimed and thousands more thirsting for revenge against the country that crossed the ocean to attack them. The invasion failed at every level: if securing Israel was part of the administration’s calculation-as the record suggests it was for several of his top aides-the result is also clear: the strengthening of Iran’s hand in the Persian Gulf, with a reach up to Israel’s northern border, and the elimination of the most powerful Arab state that might stem Iranian regional hegemony.

The war will continue as long as Bush is in office, for no other reason than the feckless president can’t face the embarrassment of admitting defeat. The chain of events is not complete: Bush, having learned little from his mistakes, may yet seek to embroil America in new wars against Iran and Syria.

Meanwhile, America’s image in the world, its capacity to persuade others that its interests are common interests, is lower than it has been in memory. All over the world people look at Bush and yearn for this country-which once symbolized hope and justice-to be humbled. The professionals in the Bush administration (and there are some) realize the damage his presidency has done to American prestige and diplomacy. But there is not much they can do.

There may be little Americans can do to atone for this presidency, which will stain our country’s reputation for a long time. But the process of recovering our good name must begin somewhere, and the logical place is in the voting booth this Nov. 7. If we are fortunate, we can produce a result that is seen-in Washington, in Peoria, and in world capitals from Prague to Kuala Lumpur-as a repudiation of George W. Bush and the war of aggression he launched against Iraq.

We have no illusions that a Democratic majority would be able to reverse Bush’s policies, even if they had a plan to. We are aware that on a host of issues the Democrats are further from TAC’s positions than the Republicans are. The House members who blocked the Bush amnesty initiative are overwhelmingly Republican. But immigration has not played out in an entirely partisan manner this electoral season: in many races the Democrat has been more conservative than the open-borders, Big Business Republican. A Democratic House and Senate is, in our view, a risk immigration reformers should be willing to take. We can’t conceive of a newly elected Democrat in a swing district who would immediately alienate his constituency by voting for amnesty. We simply don’t believe a Democratic majority would give the Republicans such an easy route to return to power. Indeed, we anticipate that Democratic office holders will follow the polls on immigration just as Republicans have, and all the popular momentum is towards greater border enforcement.

On Nov. 7, the world will be watching as we go to the polls, seeking to ascertain whether the American people have the wisdom to try to correct a disastrous course. Posterity will note too if their collective decision is one that captured the attention of historians-that of a people voting, again and again, to endorse a leader taking a country in a catastrophic direction. The choice is in our hands.

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