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September 9, 2006

*The Fierce Urgency of Now*

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This was sent all over the country by World Can’t Wait’s national office to publicize last week’s organizational meeting toward our October 5th protests:


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used this memorable phrase to describe a
moment when people of conscience would need to take action NOW, and not
take what he called “the tranquilizing drug of gradualism.”

Another such moment in human history has arrived, as the Bush
administration moves the world closer to annihilation, hijacking both
the American Dream, and the peace-making heart of True Faith.

For five years now, we have watched the most secretive, the most
belligerent, the most paranoid, the most inept administration in
American history destroy both our reputation around the world, and any
chance to repairing the rift between the West and Militant Islam. George
W. Bush is a terrorist’s dream. Osama Bin Laden would love to see him
become president for life.

Unfortunately, while millions of Americans are finally waking up to this
nightmare, many of them still believe that just complaining about it, or
signing a petition, or shuffling a few politicians, or writing a letter
to a president who doesn’t read will save the day. It won’t.

What I have called the first “Christian Fascist” regime in America is
depending on all of us to think we have done something good just by
saying, “Isn’t it awful!”

Ramsey Clark put it best. Has democracy become a “spectator sport,” or
“will we be players?”

*One organization in this country believes we should be players, and
they believe in the “fierce urgency of now.” The World Can’t Wait: Drive
Out the Bush Regime is calling us all to march again, to participate in
the largest-ever anti-Bush rally on October 5.

But first we need to organize. At 7 pm on September 7, meetings will be
held around the country to plan for a mass protest just one month later,
on October 5. Go the www.worldcan’twait.net and find out where those
meeting are being held, or organize one yourself! Make a contribution to
World Can’t Wait, because those full-page ads in the New York Times cost
money, and the forces arrayed against us are well-financed.
But whatever you do, don’t do nothing. The time for doing nothing has
passed. This is our moment.

This is the “fierce urgency of now.”

The World Can’t Wait: Drive Out the Bush Regime!


Dr. Robin Meyers is the minister of Mayflower UCC Church, Oklahoma City,
Professor of Rhetoric in the Philosophy Department at Oklahoma City
University, and author of WHY THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT IS WRONG: A Minister’s
Manifesto for Taking Back Your Faith, Your Flag, Your Future.


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