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September 24, 2006


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Click on the picture above of this station on 46th Street in South Minneapolis and look closely. “Peace”? From EXXON Mobil? Isn’t that the very definition of hypocrisy?

Gasoline prices across the nation have dropped over a dollar a gallon in the past month or so. There is no legitimate market factor contributing to this. Remember the leaky BP pipeline up in Alaska in March and how that was supposed to push prices even higher?:

Alaska Pipeline Spill Amount Debated

This sudden drop in gas prices is a blatant attempt to bribe the public into forgetting how painful it was to afford travel this past year and part of the effort by the oil cartel who financed a major portion of the bloodless ‘residential coup of 2000 to retain House and Senate power in the mid-term elections next month.

Don’t be fooled. The Bush Regime has been every multi-national corporation’s wet dream with zero corporate accountability or oversight. EXXON Mobil and every other oil giant is happy to do their part in attempting to keep their fellow oil industry and war profiteers in power.

Gas was $1.27 a gallon when the Supreme Court appointed Bush President in 2000.

Gas prices had nearly tripled over the succeeding five years.

EXXON Mobil reported the highest profits of any corporation in our nation’s history:

Exxon profits triple

Big oil tanks up: Exxon’s profit nears $10B

That Iraq invasion and occupation has been a really good investment for them. And all it cost was the lives of a few thousand American soldiers, a few hundred thousand Iraqi men, women and children, the creation of a magnificent marketing and recruitment tool for terrorists the world over and the devastation of any remaining international respect for the United States of America by the international community.

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