NM Impeachment Resolution KILLED without even a debate!

The following just happened after NM Senators had successfully got the impeachment resolution through the three Senate committes designed to kill the measure. Democracy for NM-… SJR 5, New Mexico’s impeachment resolution, was killed when it failed to get the votes necessary to move to the Senate Floor for debate … I did hear that [9] Democratic Senators voted against debating the measure, including Senator Phil Griego from San Jose, NM … [Phil A. Griego, (505) 986-4861 [email protected]] … [Senators Altamirano, Pete Campos, Carlos Cisneros, Tim Jennings, John Pinto, John Arthur Smith, James Taylor and David Ulibarri.] I hope they hear from plenty of their constituents. If Democrats won’t even allow something this timely and critical to our nation’s future to be DEBATED, why do they call themselves Democrats? (Read More)

You can listen to a discussion of these events, and learn more about the status of SJM 5, in a recently-recorded Impeachment Channel interview with Desi Brown, a staffer in the office of New Mexico State Senator and SJR 5 co-author Gerald Ortiz y Pino.

Those notably voting against:
Pete Campos
(505) 986-4311
[email protected]

Ben Altamirano

Carlos R. Cisneros
(505) 986-4863
[email protected]

Timothy Z. Jennings
(505) 986-4362

John Pinto
(505) 986-4835

John Arthur Smith
(505) 986-4363
[email protected]

James G. Taylor
(505) 986-4862
[email protected]

David Ulibarri


  1. July 4, 2007
    A Patriot’s Message
    The hammer falls on the Constitution of the United States of America. Our freedom and Democracy, our sovereignty as a nation is coming to an end.
    The politically appointed neoconservatives in Justice sneer at Habeas Corpus; Geneva Convention; worker, consumer and investor protection; education; affirmative action; individual rights and “entitlements” like Social Security and health care.
    The corporate neo-con conspirators (Establishment) have their own agenda of a New World Order; W.T.O; N.A.F.T.A; immigration; globalization and “free trade”; military seizure of foreign oil fields; employing a private army of mercenaries and propagandist; “dealing” with Afghanistan Opium drug lords harboring Osama Bin Laden and financing Al Qaeda.
    The ideal corporate model is “Communism” where individual freedom and democracy are mute. The board of directors rule. The corporate neo-cons hate our regulatory government, Constitution and Individual Rights.
    Our Federal Government is purposely bankrupt by war/trade debt and the ideal corporate nation, China, are carrying trillions of dollars of our debt. Communist China and their junior corporate American partner’s technically own the”U.SA” resulting in “Globalization” and loss of sovereignty. Mission accomplished. The surge strategy is not to win the war but to pump oil and further indebt U.S.A to Communist China. Patriots, sign on! Impeach Bush, Cheney and nullify their Supreme Court appointments!

  2. this is bullshit wake up you dumb greedy basturds impeach the lieing stealing robbing basturd kill these new bullshit laws these people have not done a damn thing for us expact murder and lie rob 911 is a LIE bush is a fuckin lier put his bitch daughters in unaform fight for there own GREED

  3. “It’s time for a revolution in this country!” That was a quote By (R) Congressman from Texas, Ron Paul who is running for president in 2008. Does anyone question the false left-right control grid paradigm now?

  4. The history of those in control reveals astounding things. I recommend everyone study to learn these horrible facts. I often wondered why we were not exposed to very much history about the last hundred years in public school. Our collective ignorance has manifest a situation that will bring back starvation policies, death camps, and very nuch more because of technology. The controlers are the very same people who invented the practice of practical Communisim in the world along with the associated horrors thereof. Where they goofed is I learned how to read. My first three teachers were quite good God, bless them.
    Read The Warburgs by Ron Chernow for indirest insight and realize the book was given the thumbs up by the matriarch of the family so one must read between the lines. Also, anything by Lyndon LaRuche, a prolific genious who was imprisoned after attempts to kill him failed in a kangaroo court proceeding. He suffered quite a lot of defamation because he was on to “Them”. Henery Kissenger, took him down. It is facinating and easy to learn these things we all should know. It keeps the playing feild even.

  5. What is the possibility that Bush will be impeached before the end of his term in office? His term is almost over. Then what?

  6. The challenge of duty and of honor placed into the hands of our elected officials is one sworn to the base on which this country was founded… Our Constitution.
    We the people, by the people and for the people. Unfortunetly the division between the people and our Ilustrious elected officials is obvious. We have been abandoned.
    The regime in control of our nation professed daily the threat of WMD’s, photos were shown, leaders of our nation verified their existance. It was for this reason we invaded a Sovereign Nation, it was for this reason 60,000 innocent civilians were killed. Yet, there were no WMD’s. Ex president Eisenhower warned us about the greed of the MIC and their elites & profits. His words have been proven truthful not only in Iraq but to our freedoms,our countrys honor, our constitution. Torture,no rights of Habeus Corpus,wiretapping at will, Etc. The list¨of crimes, yes crimes, is to lengthy to submit, however I must add our leaders have betrayed their people and their oath.

  7. Thanks for posting that well-worded letter, Aaron. I used your words and sent off my own emails to the same (even though I’m not in NM)–perhaps if these jackasses get enough of them it will click something over in their pea-brains where they realize that increasing numbers of people are watching them whore themselves in service to the dismantling of America and are becoming very, very angry.

  8. Just called Griego’s office and got some person who had not even heard about the vote on the Impeachment Resolution…passed me off to another, who gave me the “I will pass on your sentiment” bullshit. I said that it is unacceptable that democratic state representatives would not even allow debate on such a nationally vital issue. I then asked who paid them off, and told her that there should be an investigation and hung up.

    Let’s get to the bottom of this…it sounds like Rove directed the NSA to dig up dirt, threatened, and it is a done deal! Don’t use this blog normally, so take care, and keep up the good fight!!


  9. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” John F. Kennedy

    Fluff up the feather pillows and heat up the tar, packing peanuts work too!

  10. This is the letter I have written to the e-mail addresses given…

    Mssrs. Campos, Cisneros, Smith, and Taylor,

    Although you may surely avoid the burden of having to confront my statement by dint of my status an a non-resident of your district or state, perhaps you will have the honor and dignity to do so and respond.

    You have all now placed yourselves on record as helping to block debate about impeachment. If state governments have a clear place in the impeachment process (see Jefferson’s Manual, sec. 603), why did you avoid even debating this resolution? I can think of only a handful of reasons, all of which are in poor judgment. Perhaps you did not think the President impeachable. That is ignorance in the highest. Perhaps you were under pressure by your parties to block this process. That is true cowardice. Perhaps you did not want to be placed in the position where you would have to go on record with a vote for or against impeachment. That sort of evasion is more than mere cowardice; it is especially despicable because it suggests a deep lack of faith either in your own conviction that this administration deserves to be held accountable, or it suggests such a lack of faith in your side of the debate that would lead to such obtusely childish blocks.

    You do not deserve public office, for you clearly do not posses the moral leadership necessary to uphold this nation’s Constitution.

    Shame on you, sirs.

    (I will post if I get any response)

  11. There will be no change until the people of this country remove their fat asses from their SUVs. turn off the idiot box and bring on the revolution. The Dems, have no interest in rocking the boat. They are the biggest problem now and will kowtow to the totalitarian agenda. They lust for greed and power just like their republican counterparts. The reality is quite clear now. We either fight standing up or we will be cut down like sheep, count on it.

  12. Impeaching the foul criminals who have hijacked our country is the single most important issue today. FOR SAFETY’S SAKE CHENEY MUST BE REMOVED FIRST!! Dem party gains must not be mistaken for actually bring congress back to the people. Many Dems are just as crooked and in cahoots with their Repub counterparts.
    Even tho N. Pelosi may be correct when she says impeachment would fail, that is even a better reason to continue, so that EVERY one elected in Congress’ vote may be recorded on this issue. Needless to say, any and all who fail to proceed boldly for impeachment are unfit to hold office, failing to protect the Constitution that they swore to uphold, and will be stating so clearly, even if they are merely admitting to cowardice. At least we will know who to vote out at the very soonest opp., that is if they will even publish the voting record anymore. The hour is getting very late for America and democracy as we have known it. Maybe too late, in which case, the political fate and current condition of the Soviet Union is probably the most accurate blueprint of our own future.

  13. Democrats violating their oaths of office – what a surprise.

    I wonder who got to them and how? Money? Threats? Or just the misguided notion that impeachment (inisistence on justice) is bad for our democracy?

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