[Audio] Sen. Reid Struggles for a Reason to Oppose Impeachment

David Swanson, Democrats.com — Christiane Brown (KJFK, Reno) interviews Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in this audio clip from last week and presses him on why he admits impeachable offenses have been commited but opposes impeachment. Reid says that impeaching Bush would just give you Cheney, but Brown points out that Cheney can be impeached too (in fact, the only impeachment bill in Congress right now is to impeach Cheney). Reid says there’s not enough time, but Brown points out how swift past impeachments have been. Reid struggles and fails to find a coherent explanation.
Here’s the Audio:


  1. SCARRY Harry REID or should we just call him little PINKY Harry Reid is lower than A snakes BELLY crawling on the desert floor another GOVRMENT LEACH ANOTHER GEORGE W BUSHES PUPPETS

  2. I called and wrote this Senator Reid,many times and have a letter from him,Rejecting ipeachment from 2003.This guy is as do nothing as you can get.He is bought and paid for and that is patently obvious.I could go on in disgust

  3. “The time it takes”. A “waste of time.” This democratic ‘leader’ has less of a wardrobe than our ‘boy-king’. Fear seems to have permeated our Congress. The majority of Americans have gotten wise to the fear-mongering and are duly pissed. We need our good sense to trickle down to our leadership. Don’t worry, be ANGRY!

  4. When are you people going to figure out, they are all in this together. Bush, I believe, even WANTS Hillary to be President – they all have the same agenda.

  5. He’s a tool, a puppet. He’s been compromised, like all the rest. He won’t entertain the idea because he can’t. Something would happen to him if he tried.

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