CNN Trashes “Impeachment” Hearings, and Thus The Effort to Restore the Constitution — (CNN, the same network that smeared George Carlin’s memory the day he died by calling him “indecent” in it’s headline about his passing, and owned by massive conglomerate Time-Warner/TBS-AOL, has posted a horribly biased and very brief blurb about the “impeachment” hearing today that would make the fiction writers at Fox News green with envy.

They chose this picture of Rep. Dennis Kucinich that can only be described as attempting to make him look either demented or mentally handicapped. What follows is their article, in it’s entirety. Though they claim Dennis was “the star witness”, Kucinich only spoke twice. The real star witnesses were Vincent Bugliosi, Liz Holtzman and Bruce Fein. But I guess CNN doesn’t want people searching YouTube for their names right now.

The article, from start to finish, is disingenuous at best and at worst, complete corporatist shill. During the “impeachment” hearing some great speakers put forth clear and compelling reasons to impeach for the greater good of this country. And this is what CNN, a “reputable” news source puts up? It’s a good thing they weren’t around during the Nixon administration. CNN is no better than Fox News.)

At a crowded Judiciary Committee hearing today, House Democrats talked about impeaching President Bush”¦. to the disgust of the committee’s Republicans.

It was purely stagecraft. The day’s star witness, Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich, received a noisy ovation filled with cheering, clapping and whistling as he walked into the hearing room. Kucinich, who has introduced articles of impeachment, exhorted the committee to “support and defend the constitution that has been trampled time and again over the last seven years.”

The hearing, technically, was not about impeachment but about executive power and its constitutional limitations. Judiciary Chairman John Conyers, D-Michigan, ticked-down a list of items that included, in his words, “the politicization of the Department of Justice, the misuse of signing statements, the misuse of authority with regard to detention, interrogation and rendition, possible manipulation of intelligence regarding the Iraq war, improper retaliation against critics of the administration”¦ and excessive secrecy.”

While Conyers called the evidence “both credible and substantial,” Republicans scoffed.

Texas Rep. Lamar Smith, the senior Republican on the committee, dismissed the hearings as “an anger management class.”

“This hearing will not cause us to impeach the president; it will only serve to impeach Congress’s credibility,” Smith said. Rep. Trent Franks, R-Arizona, went further with his criticism, saying Friday’s session “amuses our terrorist friends greatly,” and “would make Alice in Wonderland roll her eyes.”

In the end, the committee took no action toward beginning an impeachment inquiry.

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  1. The picture they posted of Dennis Kucinich looks a lot like Trent Franks. I am in no way making jest at his birth defect (hair lip) as he has mastered to perfection his delivery of the english language in spite of his handicap.

    The raving lunitic, as I watched and listened to the speakers was Jeremy Rabkin – throwing his gyrating arms all around – distorting his mouth all the while blabbering like the village idiot. He is a professor in a college????????????????
    Leaves no doubt in my mind why some of our children are not receiving an education along with the handicap of the NCLB mandate the village idiots in the White House have issued to all the schools. If they will only allow the teachers to educate instead of grooming students to pass the efficiency test for the federal funding they will receive from the government.

    Bottom line – a few Republicans have awakened to smell the coffee. The ones who refuse to abandon their party proves to me they favor political juggernauts instead of placing their country and her citizens above their personal desire for complete control of the masses and the world.

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