[Audio] DIY Impeachments Give Kucinich “Encouragement to hang in there”

Impeach for Peace sent Dennis Kucinich a huge box of Do-It-Yourself Impeachment Petitions from citizens across the country on July 14th, which in Kucinich’s words along with other efforts gave him “a great deal of encouragement to hang in there.” Regarding the Do-It-Yourself Petitions, Kucinich mentions:
“I just got a box of petitions yesterday, a full box that weighs about 25 pounds of petitions from all over the country of people who are demanding that the House take action.”
Kucinich spoke on Alex Jones’ Radio Show on July 23rd about the upcoming congressional committee hearing on Bush’s abuses of power, and what efforts lead to the forming of that committee. He credits efforts like this ours with “opening the door” which gave us “for the first time a chance to talk about impeachment in front of a congressional committee.”

Sign the petition here.


  1. Bush and Cheney should have been impeached long ago for spending our money on their oil schemes and wars that we don’t agree with. They’ve broken the law repeatedly and never have been held accountable. They break constitutional law, and are never held accountable. I’m tired of them and angry that their white collar crimes never reach the courts. Fascism is imminent, if we don’t stop this train.

  2. We should immediatly evict from the White House.
    Trump hates Bush video is great,Trump should have done,Trump evicts Bush from the White House. I favor evict Bush out of our peoples house where no more of our money
    is wasted on Bush/Cheney scams.impeach,evict.

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