[Video] Congressional Hearing on Bush’s Abuses, 6hrs+

Hearings start at around 19 minutes into this first video:
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After Downing Street — In this hearing we heard the case for impeachment from Kucinich, Wexler, Jackson-Lee, Johnson, Baldwin, Ellison, Hinchey, Holtzman, Anderson, Adams, and even Barr. We heard general support in that direction from Scott, Lofgren, and even Nadler (almost). And we heard Pence’s and Franks’ laughable and inculpating defenses along the lines of “Bush is not a crook.” Not bad for the first day’s work of the 110th Congress! Now, how about an impeachment hearing? We saw a lot of interest from committee members in the offense of signing statements, and also in the refusal to comply with subpoenas. Those are the issues that seem to have the most traction (and the least congressional complicity).

Now would be the time for a little less talk and a lot more action! Please call your Representative at (202) 224-3121 and ask them to call John Conyers and ask for impeachment hearings to begin. Please ask everyone you know to do the same. Please call every morning until it happens.

Part 2 of 4:
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Part 4 of 4:
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  1. I am confused. Why is it that Congress hasn’t already begun Impeachment Hearings for President Bush, Vice President Cheney, et al.? Isn’t protecting the Constitution Congress’ number one priority? And, if so, given the tons of evidence already amassed against Bush and His followers one would think Congress would work night and day to begin Impeachment Hearings to see if Bush and His gang of thugs are truly guilty of trashing the Constitution. It is my hope that this hearing is only the first of what will become true Impeachment Hearings so we once and for all can learn the TRUTH about Bush and His Administration.

  2. Ken Biggs,

    The first video was down last night. I was just finishing watching it when it went down. It is back up and running this morning.

  3. OMG. Is Franks brainwashed or what? He sees terrorists in every corner. This is the kind of people that SHOULD not have any power whatsoever. I could not sleep soundly if I knew he had a finger on the button.

  4. Why is the 6 hr. vido not available. I missed Kucinich’s second appearence. When will this vido be available?

  5. I would like my Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN 5th) to introduce an article of impeachment that covers all information that has been subpoened and ignored.

  6. Thanks!

    Bizarre how they can stay inactive….

    FEAR rules over the people of US america. Cheney’s intense interest in bioweapons gives cause for alarm, you people might get another anthrax letter scare if you try to impeach.

    The REAL power-holders, the ones that did 911, the super-secret, super high-tech military murder machine operators, they will never allow 9/11 to come out.

    If Congress would start the clean-out of that mafia you’d quickly get mass-murder … TO SAVE THE NATION….

    Obama will kill millions, too?

  7. This should be pre-impeachment and I would estimate
    rolling on the table impeachment of Bush/Cheney.I
    myself only will support the impeachment,this fight
    been going against for many years and building.The eveidence
    is so openly you can read clearly from several sources of publications.
    impeach,teach and only the honest survive.

  8. Since everybody knows the war in Iraq is and always has been based on lies and attempts to steal the natural resources of that country and it’s citizens right to choose their religions as they see fit. Why haven’t the people of America impeached Bush for murder of our children and war crimes against the peoples of Iraq? Bush telling lies that he and his co-harts are protecting America and at the same time placing us in a position distruction from within because of greed and sometimes seems an unabashed hatred of America and our ways of life!

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