170 Organizations Request Special Prosecutor for Bush/Cheney

submitted by david swanson

A movement is building around a simple statement at http://prosecutebushcheney.org

Organizations and individuals are signing on, and 170 organizations have already taken the lead.

Next week United for Peace and Justice will ask its 1,400 member groups to consider signing on.

Most of the 170 national and local groups signed onto this movement before the release of seven Justice Department memos from 2001-2002 in which top officials claimed the right to disregard the Fourth Amendment, Habeas Corpus, and Posse Comitatus:

Most of these groups signed on before learning that the CIA had destroyed 92, not 2, “interrogation” tapes:

Most of these groups signed on before the release of Emails in which we discover that British intelligence thought the Iraq weapons claims were laughably dishonest: http://afterdowningstreet.org/node/40684

Most signed on prior to the United Nations declaring rendition illegal:

Would you or your organization like to be cutting edge?
You can sign on at http://prosecutebushcheney.org

You can still be a founding member of this movement and get your name on the statement before:

We learn the details of Cheney’s assassination teams reported by Seymour Hersh, or

The Senate Armed Service Committee releases its full report on torture, or

The Department of Justice releases the Emails in which Bush, Cheney, and gang ask their lawyers to give them the “legal” opinions on which they relied to commit their crimes:

Given the publicly available videotapes of Bush (April 11, 2008; Jan. 11, 2009) and Cheney (Dec. 15, 2008) confessing to torture and Bush confessing to illegal spying (Dec. 19, 2005), and the voluminous additional evidence, we’re not waiting:

And we know that attorneys general work for presidents and presidents protect presidents. That’s why you’ll find indirect ways to bring pressure and direct ways to pursue local, state, foreign, international, and civil justice, as well as ways to make yet more evidence public, all at:



  1. Where is impeach Kim Jung-Il for stealing Japanese and shooting missiles? Where is impeach Putin for Georgia? Where is impeach Abbas and Nasrullah for suicide bombers? Where is impeach Mugabe for starvation and inflation? Where is impeach Castros for executing and hurting nice Cuban people?

    These Impeaches groups are nothing. There is no more Bush.

  2. If Bush and Cheney can be prosecuted, then 30% of the republican government or more could be prosecuted with them. We would probably end up with several big business, or corporate executives and even some democrats that have been corrupting our government for years getting prosecuted. By the time all the squealing was over our government would be the most honest government in the world.

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