Spanish courts prosecution of Bush attorneys may be start to going after Cheney

Turley: Spanish courts may be building case against Cheney
David Edwards and Stephen C. Webster

According to constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley, the prosecution of Bush’s so-called “torture lawyers” might just give Spanish prosecutors the “low lying fruit” needed to bring a case against Vice President Cheney.

Appearing on Monday night’s edition of MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, George Washington University law professor Turley said that although President Obama is “protecting” the former administration from prosecution, the Spanish investigation could serve as a point of leverage.

By targeting attorneys who wrote legal justifications for torture, said Turley, prosecutors are going “for the first line of defendants.”

“And then if you have a case, you go for the higher ones,” he added.

Referencing Seymor Hersh’s allegation that an “executive assassination ring” reported directly to the former Vice President — and the apparent confirmation of the allegation’s veracity by a former Cheney aide — Olbermann wondered, “Should the Spanish prosecutors be taking notes?””

“It’s well known the Obama administration is protecting President Bush and Vice President Cheney from criminal investigation,” he concluded. “And if he went after the two of them, the U.S. government could move aggressively to shut down the inquiry.”



  1. Instead of torture.Why wasn’t certain drugs used to obtain information? they are quicker,and a less volatile topic.

  2. I would like to know why the news agency’s did not go after Bush and Cheney when they were doing all these things that lead up to this mess. Bush walked away like a cartoon character sucking the world economy behind him along with our good standing in the world community. If CNN had stayed on Bush and Cheney as they have Tot Mom or Bootlip Mom, is there an unwritten rule that Republications can skate, but Dem’s can’t? I want to know why the missing emails aren’t still being discussed, or the failure of regulations, how did the Gov. Agency miss Maydoff? Forgive my spelling. Why?

  3. Anyone with half a brain knows that the US. administration will never be punished for crimes against humanity much less torture! The United States has engaged in this type of human rights violations for many years, and always will! Furthermore, the US. has brought all of humanity to the start of the 3rd world war, with no end in sight. I am personally scared for us, for with the United States as the worlds “police Force”, our ultimate demise is assured. Just look at the mess they have made of Iraq. Every day there is more and more death and destruction and it is getting worse, not better! The administration lied in the first place to justify invading Iraq. Sure is funny to me that no weapons of mass destruction have been found,but that was the reason to justify the invasion of a smaller country by the allmighty U.S.of A! The only reason for the invasion was for oil; and dear old dad not being smart enough to get that benenevolent despot out of power. Therefore his equally witless son needed to finish the job,therby fortifying his countries continued control of the world! I shudder to think where this world is headed. Where is the sence of responsibility that people should be feeling? The ability to think of others,instead of youself? I am sickened that this new guy seems just as bad as the last. He seems to still adhere to the same lies and nonsence as his previous “mentor” and that scares me a great deal! I pity us as a race; and am extremely fearful for our continued wellbeing with the U.S. as big brother! God help us all.

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