The People v. Bush – A New Book

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Exciting news: there’s new life in the accountability movement! The People v Bush: One Lawyer’s Campaign to Bring the President to Justice and the National Grassroots Movement She Encounters Along the Way (Chelsea Green) has just been published. Author Charlotte Dennett will be in Cambridge January 20 at the Harvard Bookstore at 7 pm to discuss it and the following day, January 21, at 7 p.m. in New York City at the 92nd St Y. Vincent Bulgiosi is flying all the way from the west coast and will join Naomi Wolf in helping her launch the book on the 21st.

Also, check this out:

Charlotte and David Swanson just filed a FOIA request to get the long-supressed internal misconduct report on Bush’s lawyers.

Back to Charlotte’s book: The advance praise has been terrific. Wolf calls Charlotte “one of the gutsiest women in America” for trying to “hold our leaders criminally accountable for shredding the Constitution.” Howard Zinn says her book is “trying to awaken the conscience of the nation.” And David Swanson says, “The eventual success of the accountability movement will be furthered by the success of this remarkable book.”

The People v Bush is not just about Charlotte’s race for attorney general in Vermont pledging to prosecute Bush. She’s recounts stories from our own leaders, and the book even has a ten page appendix listing organizations involved in accountability.

So: mark your calendars: January 20, Harvard Bookstore, 1256 Mass ave in Cambridge and January 21, 92nd St. Y, NY, NY

And, if you can’t make it, spread the word, show your support by buying the book and help her get on the road to promote it! Find out more on how you can help by going to her website,

Thank you. Let’s build the movement!

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  1. Jodin, please get with it and begin calling for, and have this site calling for, the impeachment of “O-bomb-thousands-of-people-death”, who is continuing virtually all of the evil, horrific terrorist U.S.-government policies of the Bush administration. O-bomb-a is violating the Constitution, and committing more than impeachable offenses, right and left. We need to start calling for O-bomb-a’s impeachment now, and not wait until a year or two down the road. If you haven’t already considered this, please do so now, and thank you for considering it. Please let me and/or “us” know what your thinking on this matter is, without any of the rationalizations for “being patient with Obama” and/or “giving him time”. Bullpucky! This man and his administration are Constitutional, human rights and war criminals, and they’ve got to go! They’re also continuing the erection of the militarized police state across the U.S., and eradicating our civil liberties and the very Constitution itself. Haven’t you read about O-bomb-a’s “signing statements”—after he swore during his campaign that he would not use signing statements? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for his continuation of BushCON policies.

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