Oregon Rep. Introduces Bill: Former Presidents to Deem Trump Unfit, Remove from Office

impeach trumpOregonLive – U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, citing concerns over what he says is erratic behavior by President Trump, has introduced legislation that would offer an alternative method for removing presidents from office.

Under the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, a president can be removed if the vice president and a majority of cabinet members send written notice to congressional leaders that the president is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

The president can protest, but if the vice president and cabinet members are adamant about the president’s unfitness, Congress can remove the president with a two-thirds majority in both houses.

But the 25th Amendment also allows Congress to create its own body that can declare the president’s unfitness for office. Blumenauer’s bill would establish that body, comprised of all living former presidents and vice presidents.

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