GOP, As Trump Impeachment Looms: Pence Would Make Better President

Trump_PenceNewsweek  – Donald Trump is president. That much is true. But apparently, nearly every politician in his party would prefer that Trump’s No. 2 take his position in the Oval Office.

The news site Axios reported Monday morning that Republicans‘ overwhelming support of Vice President Mike Pence compared to the president is a potential “landmine” for the former reality TV star turned leader of the free world.

Trump’s presidency has been defined by tumult: Calls for his impeachment have ramped up in recent weeks, and he faces multiple lawsuits over charges that he is violating a corruption clause in the Constitution. For GOP lawmakers, many of whom were never particularly thrilled with their presidential candidate to begin with, impeachment could mean getting a Republican they truly like in the Oval Office.

“Beyond his base voters, Trump has an even bigger potential problem looming with his base in Congress,” Axios’s Mike Allen wrote. “While Republican lawmakers won’t say it publicly, it’s widely known if they could pick between President Pence and President Trump, the Vice President would win 90 [percent] of the vote among the GOP.”

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