Impeach for Peace – In light of the impending Trump presidency, we at have developed a new tool in the fight against the abuse of power by government officials. As Trump has stated his willingness to engage in unconstitutional abuses of power, we have been busy completely overhauling our Formal Impeachment Petition (the only method given by the rules of the House of Representatives for individual citizens to initiate the impeachment process).

Our current version of the Formal Impeachment Petition does not allow us to track our progress, and communicate this progress to you or the members of Congress. Our new version, which will be ready by Inauguration Day (in case Trump begins abusing his power right away) will be available at our website, and will allow you to submit this formal document to your district’s representative in the House, as well as give us the ability to track how many total petitions have been submitted, and in what states. This will be much more motivational than our previous version, and will allow individuals and groups to rally around their state’s petition drive.

We hope individuals and organizations take on the cause of recruiting people to submit their formal petitions if and when Trump begins abusing his power. Let’s hope that the development of this Formal Impeachment Petition 2.0 is not needed for this president. But all indications so far are to the contrary. Stay tuned to this feed for updates.

-Impeach for Peace
#ImpeachTrump #DumpTrump

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