square_sticker_3_x_3Trump and impeachment, they seem like words that are destined to go together. However, we must be careful when advocating impeachment. Impeachment is a serious pursuit, and to keep the tool legitimate and intact for future generations, we must only pursue impeachment when some government official abuses their power.

Here at Impeach for Peace, we have steadily been preparing for the results of this coming election. Both candidates have shown indications of being the type of president who might abuse their power.  Drumpf, now our President-elect, has repeatedly indicated his willingness to abuse his power.  He is recorded boasting of how he abused the power fame has brought him, to sexually assault women.  He has also indicated he will abuse his power when President. The most obvious one to date is his intent to block entry into the country based solely upon a person’s religion. However, he has also expressed dangerous ideas as it relates to military intervention. So, we can be fairly confident that it won’t take long for him to have deserved our attention. So, feel free to download a do-it-yourself impeachment kit, and as Drumpf starts abusing his power, submit these documents to Congress to start the impeachment proceedings. You can read more about the history of this process, and how this mechanism for individuals to initiate the impeachment process started at the following webpage. Also, share this with your friends.


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