impeach trump We Impeach – With the firing of James Comey, there has been an explosion in the calls for impeachment. Among those expressing interested in pursuing impeachment over the last week is congressperson Ruben Gallego from the conservative state of Arizona, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries from New York, and Rep. Jared Huffman of California.

Our organization has been keeping track of the national impeachment movement, and currently counts 12 members of Congress who have expressed interest in pursuing impeachment against Trump. As the number of legislators increases, and his poll numbers tank, so does the likelihood of an impeachment trial.

To keep this momentum, help us start the impeachment process by submitting your own impeachment Memorial to the House of Representatives. The rules of the House of Representatives lay out only a few methods by which impeachment may be initiated, one of them is for an individual citizen to submit an “impeachment memorial.” We’ve streamlined the process with an online form that will deliver your memorial to the House of Representatives. The more memorials Congress receives, the more they will fear losing the next election unless they agree to pursue impeachment. Help us turn up the heat on Congress, and force their hand. Send your memorial today.

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