Rosie O’Donnell asks 30 million ABC viewers: “What do you have to do to get impeached in this country?”

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“Nearly everyone in this administration is under indictment or suspicion, nearly every person, from Karl Rove, to Rumsfeld, to Gonzales. What do you have to do to get impeached in this country? What do you have to do?” – Rosie O’Donnell on “The View” March 29th, 2007

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  1. Rosie is true , im from australia and no amercian has the balls to stand up and tell it like it is. You people are becoming stupid and the laughing stock of the world. Go rosie

  2. RE: “They need to be put out of their misery…”

    So Quinn, when does the “ultimate solution” begin? Typical rightwing response…rather than debate the issue, let’s just kill people. I don’t agree with you Quinn, so then you’d be ok with someone putting YOU out of your misery?

    Quinn, you would make a perfect little Browshirt.

  3. Bruno,

    At least your post – while I disagree with it – reveals a moderate degree of artfulness, humor and creativity.

    I recognize signs in you of recovering from your FAUXNews-induced haze at some point possibly.


  4. Bush took an oath upon being sworn into office to defend the Constitution of the U.S. against all enemies foreign AND domestic. What has happened to the Constitution since Bush took office?

    Desecrated, shit on, spat on, torn to shreds via Patriot Acts I & II and the Military Commissions Act.

    To say Bush never lied under oath is nonsense

    How can you tell Bush is lying under oath?

    Cheney or Rove’s lips are moving.

  5. It kills me to hear people go on and on about how Clinton lied under oath; and wasn’t faithful to his wife. Granted, on this point his actions were wrong. But I argue he was still an effective leader. Kennedy, FDR, and countless other leaders all over the world have done far worse. Hell, FDR had a flat out mistress for many years. The only difference is the media didn’t focus or print about this type of thing. In affect, it was almost accepted at the time. I don’t hear anyone going on about how Kennedy and FDR were horrible leaders that should have been impeached. Most people would have a hard time admitting infidelity to their friends and neighbors. I wonder how many of you hypocrites would admit admitting infidelity to the entire planet. Clinton is human; just like everybody else.

    I wonder if some of the people on the comment thread really believe Bush never lied under oath. Do you really think he didn’t realize the Iraq didn’t have weapons of mass destruction? If so, you’re kidding yourself. Call me dense, but I’d rather have a wise, effective leader who cheated; than an unwise, stubborn, faithful leader whose driving this country into the ground. Let’s not even start talking about how the U.S is currently viewed across the planet. Compassionate conservatism Bush says; yeah, right.

  6. Whine about that idiot in the white house more please.

    You voted for him…

    Learn to take responsibility for your piss poor government.

  7. Adam you have to impeach Cheney first or the whole lot together or we would be in trouble that means the house speaker (Pelosi) is next in line.

  8. In response to Rosie’s question of what do you have to do to get impeached? Violating the oath of office (to defend the constitution) PA and MCA both clearly signed violations, Treason (signing SPP document without the authority of congress or the people), Lying to Congress with respect to WMD’s, New Orleans disaster ignored (dereliction of duty), complicity in 911 with other rogue elements, the MIC, and criminals in the government (high crimes and misdemeanors). Invading and aggressions on a foreign country (Iran) without a declaration of war from Congress. Genocide (Iraq). That’s just for starters with more to come I’m sure. After all that they will probably still name a library after him with third grade books so he doesn’t get left behind.

  9. I think we know how to impeach a president, and I will gladly volunteer if that’s what it takes! Not my life’s ambition to be in that position, but I’ll do it if it’s my patriotic duty.


  10. good luck gettin him impeached…all americans are dumb..votin for him the 2nd time…dat was hilarious…

  11. That annoying little blonde girl said: “What is oil? Oil is power. Do you really want to hand that over to Iran?!”

    Are they invading America to gain control of American oil sourced from the American land then? Wake up, it’s the other way around. From an unbiased objective point of viewpoint untainted by propaganda, that would make America the bad guys.

  12. You guys are all nuts. Use a little logical and critical thinking, possibly read a book and you will see that there are multiple reasons Bush should be impeached. Most importantly, he knowingly lied to congress (claim that Niger provided enriched uranium to Iraq) to help his case on the war. He also said it in his State of the Union. Lying to congress is a major felony. While it is easy for people who disagree with Rosie to simply call her childish names like fat ass, it does not take away from the fact that she is most likely right, and Bush/Cheney should both be impeached. Luckily for them as we are seeing now they have many fall guys. The GOP heads will continue to roll, but it will not be that of Bush or Cheney.

  13. I just read through the entire exchange on Digg. I am almost ashamed that something I posted got that much clamor there. What inane and mindless blather!

    Please people.. can we stick to the facts here at least?

    I am happy to read any opinions from anyone… just don’t belch out some moronic name-calling and partisan crap.

    I need a shower. Maybe two showers to recover from reading that drivel.

  14. They are both idiotic. Blonde bitch needs to shut up because she is naive and Rosie is just ignorant about many of the “points” she made.

  15. Rosie ROCKS!

    Stand up for our country, don’t let idiots being fooled by stooges take our country away from us. There are many idiotic comments in this thread and these are the people that are bringing our country down by beleiving the garbage being put out by the official government stooges.

    Keep it up, don’t back down — IMPEACH NOW! Impeach them all.

  16. All of these women are fucking idiots. Its sad to think that housewives around the country take these fucktards seriously. They need to be put out of their misery…

  17. @ Bob:

    Hundreds of thousands dying for a mere 3,000 in one event (which is a fraction compared to the deaths caused by driving, smoking etc) is hardly fair, is it?

    It’s easy to say “we got rid of Saddam because he’s an evil dictator” but there are far worse dictators in the world that the US completely ignores (e.g. most of Africa). The only difference are the resources that Iraq sits on, admit it!

  18. An excellent video, for once someone that agrees with everything that I believe is true! Nicely done and the opinions fairly irrefutable if you did your research. ++

  19. jp,

    sorry for all your *sigh*’ing. if you indeed are an engineer you will most likely know that even in the best case scenario, floors dropping down upon floors in the “pancake theory” scenario would never collapse the WTC buildings at freefall speed. look at the videos and note that the twin towers fell at essentially freefall speed. a collapse like the “pancake theory” could never happen like this. floors dropping upon floors in a collapse would add measures of resistence that would make a freefall speed collapse highly improbable.

    please note that the pancake theory is only the latest in a string of gov’t approved theories for the collapse of the twin towers. we’ll get a new one this year, i’m sure of it.

    any other apologists like jp out there who want to use popular mechanics (owned by hearst corporation, advertisers include boeing, general dynamics, lockheed, etc.) as the keeper of the truth?

  20. Adam:
    The most recent impeachment resolution introduced by McKinney included Bush, Cheney, and Rice. Although, even if we only initially pursue Bush, initiating the impeachment process will lead to an investigation that will implicate lots of people in the Bush administration who are guilty of committing crimes, including Cheney.

    As a popular movement, we believe that the strategy of going after both of them right off the bat would bring nay-sayers to the table asking for the evidence against Cheney. Not that there isn’t evidence, but the evidence is less known, and more of it is hidden. This would only make our case less clear, and cause less people to be approving of it. More people agree about the need to impeach Bush, than about the need to impeach both of them. And, since the evidence against Cheney would come out in any trial against Bush, we find it strategically unnecessary to include him initially.

    In addition, no matter who we get to replace Bush, we’ll be showing those in power that anyone who breaks the law will be held accountable.

  21. This is redundant and laughable. Rosie O’Donnel the queen of fat lesbians everywhere is trying to lecture the conservatives of the United States how horrible we are right now, and how the rest of the world portrays us as big bully. Well, did the rest of the world get attacked in their LARGEST city!? Iraq is indeed a mistake. All of America pretty much knows it, but two wrongs wont turn a right. We have to stay in Iraq or we’ll just screw ourselves down the road. And forget the rest of the world. This is a rough time, and we have to deal with it. You think France is going to do anything if another Hitler comes along? We have an obligation to make sure these dictator countries do not get nuclear weapons–Like it or not.

  22. As much as I disagree with the war in Iraq, and basically ANYTHING the Bush administration has done, I would be a little wary to impeach Bush myself. Not because i think he doesn’t deserve it; quite the contrary, i believe he deserves it more than any of the other presidents, but rather because I am afraid to put Dick Cheney in power.

  23. sorry, i’m still on the melting steel thing…

    i failed to mention that i am an engineer as well. I only cited the popular mechanics article so nobody would think i’m just talking out of my ass…

    but without that.. let’s think of it from a common sense point of view.

    while melted steel will, as Mikael said, bend and sag but never snap.. keep in mind that everything in this world can only bend so far. When bent, it’s ability to hold weight diminishes even further (just think about a ruler, trying to hold something up while bent).

    now when the first floor collapses, it adds more weight to the steel below it.. which causes the floor to collapse, which adds more weight to the steel below that, and causes the floor below that to collapse.. and so on… this is the so called “pancake effect”

    keep in mind that when these top floors collapse, it’s not just adding the weight of the floor to it’s current weight load.. (i.e. it’s not a constant force).. the only way i can explain this is layman’s terms is to imagine yourself jumping flat-footed onto a scale in your bathroom. Obviously the scale would output more than just your weight, at first. Now imagine jumping from the roof of your house. I’m sure the scale would break (as well as your leg), even if you were 90 pounds. Now imagine if you weighed was as much as several floors of a concrete building, with all of it’s contents still inside.

    With the added fact that it’s possible the fire burned hotter than 1100 degrees F, we’re looking at maybe 40% strength. While bent, it’s strength diminishes to less than 20%, and dropping (because the steel bends further and further). Suddenly the floor (or the roof) above it smashes down on the steel. The sudden weight (the roof just “jumped” onto the “scale”) would in fact be enough to cause the steel to finally snap (because trust me, the force of one roof dropping down 15-20ft would be huge).

    *sigh*.. i hate getting into arguments.. i always end up writing so much

  24. Aww, how cute – an Australian pretending to be relevant and topical. As an Australian, do you realize that absolutely no one gives a damn about Australia or any of your opinions, you inbred criminal?

    Go away and do what you do best – go get drunk and beat up an Aboriginie.

  25. Comment by T — March 31, 2007 @ 5:43 pm

    “You are smug, stupid, and close minded.”

    So do you have America or Americans(America being an independent organism apparently)?

  26. Americans are stupid. Their country has been raped, robbed, and pillaged by the nwo/illuminati, and they still don’t even have a clue. The country is gutted rotten. The dollar is falling, housing bubble is busting, war on all fronts–open borders with Mexico, war with iraq and afghanistan, and imminent war with iran by the agent provocateurs–and all Americans can do is rag on rosie odonnell who speaks the truth. Americans are so stupid they got punched in the face on 911, and they still have no clue as to what to do. they simply lash out in the darkness of their own ignorance, all the while their coffeurs are empty, and guess who will gladly step in and offer assistance–nwo/illuminati. Americans love taking it up the ass.

  27. I’m sick of this woman she just likes to stir people up by following what the minority of out spoken people belive . how do they melt steal down to begin with??? she should be assasinated lol then it would make a bigger inpact then that crap she speaks

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