Bush Era

RNC: Impeaching The Next President

ImpeachForPeace.org cofounder Jodin Morey discusses at the RNC why even as Cheney and Bush leave office, impeachment is still crucial to the health of our republic. — So I’m here to talk to you about […]

Bush Era

Military Begins 1st Worthwhile Gitmo Investigation!

Guantanamo tribunals overseer under investigation By Josh Meyer October 25, 2008 Copyright 2008 Los Angeles Times Thomas Hartmann, an Air Force brigadier general, is accused of improperly influencing prosecutions. Reporting from Washington – A Pentagon […]

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Bush Era

Trailer for RNC Documentary movie: “Freedom is on the March”

[IFP does not endorse any federal candidate only encourages accountability of all politicans] Thanks to Glassbead Collective for this video: <embed