The Coming Impeachment of President Trump

Blog Article Related ImageModernDiplomacy – We are three weeks into the administration of the 45th President of the United States and we already observe signs of the beginning of the end.

They surfaced the very moment he took the oath of office with the highest disapproval ratings in memory: 45%, nearly half of the country. It kept going up on the day after the inauguration when the largest protest to ever hit the nation’s capitol took place. Three weeks of turmoil resembling the reign of emperor Caligula at the time of the Roman Empire, soon followed.

The Republicans, who have installed themselves in the White House and the majority in Congress, keep whistling in the dark, hoping that, somehow, it will all go away. Well, it isn’t.

At this point in time it is already apparent that that the Trump unpopularity is on the ascendancy and it seems inevitable that his presidency will soon hit a wall, and not the pretty one he has been proudly promising to this supporters.

The question seems to be this: never mind the Republican party which will remain in denial till it begins to affect their chances of re-election in two years, but will the public force Trump out of office? And how much damage will he have done, even assuming that he will consent to go quietly into the night?

What can possibly bring it about? Here are four possible areas: 1. The Conflicts of interests. Trump has so far refused to place his business interests in a blind trust. Every modern president has done so in order to ensure that he will not manipulate his business interests via the actions he takes while in office; exactly to feel protected against such allegations and prevent even the beginning of any speculation in that regard.

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