Trump impeachment: citizens can initiate

BlastingNews – Donald #trump has had a bumpy start to his presidency. His decision not to divest from his financial dealings, and his partial ban on seven Muslim majority countries has drawn criticism and even calls for impeachment. An online poll created on the day of Trump’s inauguration has garnered almost one million submissions indicating support for #impeachment. Recent polls indicate that 46% of Americans approve of impeachment, while 46% are opposed. This comes in contrast to the popularity bump that presidents historically enjoy after inauguration.

And in the House of Representatives, where any impeachment proceedings would occur, four representatives have already indicated their interest in impeaching Trump; Representatives Maxine Waters of California, Jerrold Nadler of New York, Mark Pocan of Wisconsin, and Joaquin Castro of Texas. Nadler, a top Democrat in the House Judiciary Committee, has gone as far as to file “Articles of Inquiry” into the president. This is considered the first step toward an impeachment process. And now there is a citizen’s lead movement to #impeach at

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