bed-sheet impeachWe Impeach (Originally Impeach for Peace) was founded early in 2006 by grassroots organizers in Minnesota. The mission of We Impeach is to hold accountable government officials who abuse their power; particularly when those abuses result in violence toward humankind. Here’s a radio interview we gave…

Throughout our organization’s history, we have organized countless numbers of protests, held concerts, met with members of Congress, city council members, and mayors, worked with the ACLU in a lawsuit against the city of St. Paul regarding protest rights, been featured on radio programstelevision shows, and books,  been mentioned on the floor of the House of Representatives regarding our efforts, held a debate with a state representative,  had numerous newspaper and magazine articles written regarding our activities, organized local chapters in many states, organized a march across the United States, and delivered thousands of formal impeachment petitions to the House of Representatives. We have worked closely with particular members of the House of Representatives, as well as numerous political organizations in our efforts to hold government officials accountable.

Our development of the Formal Impeachment Memorial takes advantage of the House of Representative’s own rules, and an historical precedent in which a judge was impeached through this process (here’s a video about the method). This tool allows individual citizens to initiate the impeachment process and has become invaluable in empowering regular people against abusive government officials. We are dedicated to enhancing this tool through technology, and organizing with local and national organizations who also seek to hold government officials accountable.

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