impeach trumpWe Impeach – We must impeach Trump’s SCOTUS pick Neil Gorsuch. Given the ongoing investigations by the FBI and others into the legitimacy of the election which seated Donald Trump as president, and the interference by the Russian government, any permanent changes to the government by Trump should be denied until such time (if any) that his presidency is out from under the cloud of suspicion. Indeed, He certainly should not be able to choose our next Supreme Court Justice. Trump has already committed several impeachable offenses (Muslim ban, emoluments violation, etc.) which should remove him from office. Minimally, this should bar him from being able to make such a lifetime appointment. Therefore, we call on congress to impeach and remove Gorsuch and to deny Trump nominees for the Supreme Court, and indeed to impeach Trump himself.

We have started an impeachment petition to have Neil Gorsuch impeached. The rules of Congress stipulate citizens can initiate the process. A Missouri citizen used this method once to impeach a federal judge. Please join us in signing this petition, and letting Congress know that we will not allow an illegitimate president to force his choice for a Supreme Court Justice on our country for decades to come.

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