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January 23, 2007

Grass Roots Impeachment Movement-An Interim Report

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Grassroots Impeachment
There will be no clear cut break from the old policies as long as Cheney/Bush remain in power. Everyone can see that, despite the Iraq Study Group, the repudiation in the November elections, the opinion polls, and strong Congressional condemnation, Bush has already put thousands of troops into a mess he created, because of his pride. But we all know what goeth before the Fall.


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  1. […] Impeachment is simply the process of investigation. There are no predetermined punishments that come along with the process, except maybe the loss of dignity. With this understanding of impeachment one can reasonably conceive of the grounds for impeaching former President Clinton. The crimes for which Clinton was charged where not all that serious, reflected by the fact that 63% of Americans at the time opposed his impeachment proceedings, compared to today’s grassroots movement supporting impeachment that claims 53% of Americans support impeachment. […]Report

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