Maxine Waters (D-CA) 8th to cosign Cheney impeachment bill

Eight Congress Members for Impeachment
by David Swanson

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Chair of the Out of Iraq Caucus, has joined Congresswomen Barbara Lee and Lynn Woolsey, the two Co-Chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, as well as Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Chief Deputy Whip and a member of the Steering and Policy Committee, and Congress Members Yvette Clarke, William Lacy Clay, Albert Wynn, and Dennis Kucinich in cosponsoring Articles of Impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney (H. Res. 333). For details, see:
The list of state Democratic Parties that have passed resolutions urging the impeachment of Bush and Cheney has recently grown to 15. Meanwhile, 11 state legislatures have introduced such resolutions, which have now been passed by at least 77 cities and towns and a growing list of labor unions and other organizations. These resolutions are all listed at

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  1. Brian’s comment(#6) [that if this were a nation of laws and not of lies, the VP would be executed for treason] really made me think.

    Bush & Cheney have been merciless to us and the rest of the world. They lied to start a war costing billions of dollars and ?? thousand of lives, trampled our Constitution via signing laws and habeus corpus violations, and derided the Geneva Conventions by their pursuit of torture.

    It IS treason, what they have done. It is!

  2. Impeaching Cheney is great as long as two other conditions are met:

    1. That he will also be removed from office. (Recall that Clinton was impeached but not removed from office.)

    2. That he not be the scapegoat for the president. I say let’s have a reprise of the Spiro Agnew/Gerald Ford shuffle and then pave the way for the removal of George Bush.

    Not as important as the above, once impeached and removed, let’s try them for the crimes that they have committed, whether that means war crimes or conspiracy (as in being involved in the Enron debacle).

  3. One of the biggest problems with regard to any plan of getting out of Iraq is the fact that the Bush & Cheney administration has so outraged the world community that there aren’t exactly multitudes of allies lining up for the ‘opportunity’ to help us. The best first step for any withdrawal plan is to impeach Bush & Cheney to show the world our true remorse for our colossal blunders under their willfully deceptive misguidance.

    Impeachment will restore world respect for the USA [at least start the restoration] and that will open up the possibilities of, perhaps even inspire, help from other nations. To think we can do it on our own, most agree, is absurd. With Bush & Cheney tossed out of power, who knows, we might even become likeable again.

    Jim Lindsley; Durham, NC
    Asst. organizer of GRIM—Grass Roots Impeachment Movement—

  4. I read with interest your blog comments under “Oregon”. The article was about Congressman Peter DeFazio betraying his oath of office. While I agree with it, I think the main effort should be against those who voted FOR the war in the first place, which, of course, he did not. And while that does not excuse the lack of action on all who took an oath NOT to endorse impeachment, I think we need to see the LIST of all 296 members of the House and 77 members of the Senate who voted YES… and thereby became active accompices to the Bush and Cheney crimes.

    Can you produce such a list for Buzzflash? They can print it and then we, as patriotic Americans, can organize to get ALL OF THEM removed from office. As DeFazio stated, “An argument can be made that the 296 members of the House and the 77 members of the Senate who voted in favor of the war should also be removed from office.” I agree. And I think they should be removed, along with Bush and Cheney. We, as voters, have that power, and don’t need the usual percentages of Congressmen to endorse our wishes. It’s time PEOPLE took back their government, and told the CONGRESS what we expect them to do.

  5. I really hate to admit this, but when Colin Powell was giving his presentation regarding the WMDs, it was easy to see he was not at all comfortable. I (and I’m sure others)picked up on this within 2 minutes of watching him nervously point out the “mobile weapons labs” in the color spy photos. Later it came out that Powell had spoken out against the assertion that Saddam had WMDs and was connected with Al Quida, etc. This was all before the invsion of Iraq, and what did I(and so many others)do? Nothing, except worry at first, then finally accept the fact(though TOTALLY against it)that the bu$h administration was pushing us into war. It was so obvious at the time what the neocon agenda was, yet did I refuse to go to work? Did I call my representatives, newspapers, television and radio stations? Did I actively “get off the couch” and into the streets? No, I merely went about my business. The bottom line is, a government by, for, and of the people is just that; if the individual doesn’t get involved on a regular basis, then power and control fall into/remain in the hands of those who may tend to “abuse” this power and control. This is basically what has happened as we have all gone about our lives working at our jobs, taking care of our kids, driving our SUVS, communicating on our devices, and watching our digital wide screen TVs. We are isolated more than ever before and it shows, and the lying, murderous thieves in Washington well know this. Don’t be mistaken, control must be wrested from those who wish us harm, and to not do so will result(and IS resulting)in a police state. WAKE UP AMERICANS, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!


    When you dismiss those who disagree with you polically as simply stupid, you’ll find that it usually just encourages them to dismiss you as well, and often your viewpoint along with you.
    We can have a legitimate debate about constitutional processes like impeachment, but those of us who aren’t sure it’s an appropriate course of action will only be convinced by reason, not hysterical all-caps ranting.

    Remember that reasonable people can look at the same facts and come to different conclusions. I read this and other sites on both sides of the debate to make up my mind, and I gotta say that if letters you guys are writing to your congressmen are half as filled with hyperbole and bile as the comments on most of these boards, those letters are going in the nutjob bin.

  7. We the people need a formal method for deciding the great issues of our times other than going marching and protesting. We are so proud of having a democracy, why don’t we use it, directly? Eternal vigilance of the sovereign citizens requires an informed public and deliberation and then should be backed up by their ability to take action. For 160 years the Swiss have gone to the ballot box 4 times a year to vote directly on the major issues of their governance. They outline their desires and leave the details to the politicians whose work is consistently reviewed. In America we have to wait 2,4, or 6 years to have the opportunity to remove someone or to give away our vote to some other indentured politician. By that time it is too late to prevent tragedy. The people support impeachment because the moral and legal cause is clear and yet the people who boss us around tell us it is off the table. I suggest direct democracy ( is the way the people can justly “take back America” and keep it.


  9. Eight co-sponsors is a good start. When we get fourty co-sponsors then we’ve got a chance of making it happen!! Keep up the pressure on YOUR representative. Let’s get even more names on the list.

  10. Vice President Cheney is the person most responsible for lying to the Americans and the invasion of Iraq. He made us think Iraq had nuclear weapons, other WMD’s, supported al-Qaeda, and was responsible for the events on 9/11. These were all lies. He wanted to invade Iraq to steal their oil. Now he is trying to talk us into invading Iran. He needs to be impeached before he does more harm.

  11. It is by the intensity of impeachment proceedings that this nation will be gaged as to whether American Democracy was still healthy in this nation at the beginning of the nuewe cnetury and millenium. If Bush’s and Chencey’s a) lieing us into a major war, b) seriusly jeopardizing democracy in the nation once most honored for advancing the cause of democracy all over the world, c) placing hundreds of thousands of young Amarican’s in harm’s way for oil, and causing the deaths of thousndsa and permaneent disabiliites in tens of thiousands more, and resulting in the deaths of perhaps hundreds of thousands of Iraquis, if all this and much , much more is not high crimes and misdemeanors then nothing is, or ever will be. Sham on America if she does not impeach these criminals.

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