An Impeachment Ad Congress Will Read! Please donate.

(IFP received the following information from: “We the People” National Coalition for Impeachment.)

We want to run this Impeachment ad on Tuesday, April 29 in Roll Call, the Capitol Hill paper ALL members of Congress and their staffs read avidly:

The ad answers House Speaker Pelosi’s argument-echoed by many House members (perhaps your Representative)-that President Bush and Vice President Cheney will be out of office by January 30 “so why bother with impeachment?”

If House members don’t “bother” with impeachment, they are permitting all the “high-crime precedents” that Nixon and Bush and Cheney have put in place to be used by future presidents. And those “Presidential Precedents” will nullify Congress, overthrow the Constitution and democracy-and set up a “unitary executive” dictatorship.

Impeachment NOW will stop these high-crime precedents-cold!!

This 1/4th page ad emphasizes “Presidential Precedents” to Congress. But it will cost $3,715 to appear in Roll Call. We need contributions NOW to cover that cost so your Congressional Representative will see it on Tuesday, April 29.

Make your contribution through to this email address: [email protected] for credit charge or bank account transfers.

To give by check, make it payable to Democracy for Oregon at 6428 SE 15th Ave, Portland, OR 97202.

If you have any questions, please call Marcia Meyers at: (503) 665-3957

“We the People” National Coalition for Impeachment
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  1. Yes–donating what I can for ROLL CALL ad. We *must* keep trying! Exactly for PRECEDENT, that the road of the near and distant future is not worse than that which we have already wrought.

    Also, please–individuals and groups (left, right, patriots of all stripes, religious organizations, unions, veterans, undocumented immigrants, students in solidarity)–pledge your support and intention to participate in the MAY 1 STRIKE being called by the Longshore Caucus delegates of the International Longshore and Warehouse Workers Union (ILWU). WE must begin to take back our country (as your group here has been fighting for all along)! ILWU is protesting the Iraq War May 1. Pledge To Impeach (PTI) has been promoting a nationwide comprehensive strike / boycott tactic for IMPEACHMENT for 4 years. http://www.PledgeToImpeach.ORG Read our strategy and, if you agree, sign our confidential Pledge (so that we will have your email addy to contact you regarding the strike) and ask groups you are affiliated with to contact [email protected] re standing in solidarity by urging their members to strike MAY 1. PTI is submitting a letter of groups endorsing this action to ILWU.

    Freedom through Solidarity!

  2. Another thing: a move for impeachment would perhaps make the rest of the world not think were a bunch of dolts.

  3. Mikael,

    Bahanut made an excellent point. You ask for donations and then act like a jerk when someone offers constructive criticism? I hope no one donates.

    [Tread, our policy in dealing with any suggestions and ideas coming from anyone inside or outside our organization is that the person making the suggestion is responsible for taking on the task and seeing that it gets carried out. We do this because we get a thousand suggestions for every person who actually steps up to volunteer. Everybody’s a critic but it takes the rare combination of intelligence and integrity to actually, as Ghandi so aptly put ” become the change you wish to see in others”. What are you willing to contribute to the cause of salvaging our Democratic Republic from the domestic enemies to it residing in the White House and wandering the walls of Congress if not your money? Anything? Anything at all?]

  4. Where’s the DONATE FOR THIS AD link?

    I tried going to and still don’t see a link there.

    Please put a donation link in your story above. You are linked on Reddit’s front page.

    [Jay, there are two ways given at the bottom of the article by which to donate, by credit or debit card through PayPal, which now has a link, or by check or money order to the postal address given. There is also a phone number to call if you have any questions. Click on the “more” link at the bottom of the truncated version of the article on our face page to see the entire article.]

  5. Bahanut,

    Thank you for volunteering to redo these posters for distribution. When can we expect your ‘new and improved’ version to be available?

  6. When will this finally sink in…these man will never be impeached. They could shank their own Mothers with a sharpened toothbrush head, and they will not be brought up on charges. Our whitehouse, our congress, our judical system were all bought and paid for long ago by Washington bureaucrats, the Federal Reserve, and several other high powered officials long ago. We have no say. We are slaves just as much as they are slaves to their masters. Give it up and try to live your life in peace. Keep thinking – they haven’t made it illegal yet.

  7. Get a better font. At first I thought it said “When Nixon SPLED on us.” Seriously, something legible and can easily distinguish between “i” and “l” would be nice.

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