[Video] Kucinich: barred from reading impeachment articles at impeachment hearing?

Steve Watson, Infowars.net — Dennis Kucinich spoke exclusively to the Alex Jones show yesterday concerning his effort to bring articles of impeachment against the president and the vice president.

Meanwhile, staffers of the chairman of the Judiciary Committee have reportedly told witnesses that Kucinich’s informal impeachment hearing this Friday may be under threat of dismissal before it is even underway.

The Congressman urged listeners to engage in discussions on the issue of impeachment and demand media coverage of the hearing to help increase awareness and protect the country from tyranny.

“The best defense of a country is an informed citizenry, so people should read the articles, and if there is anything I missed in the 35 articles then I’d be happy to hear from people.” Kucinich told listeners.

This Friday Congressman Kucinich will present the articles to the judiciary committee and talk about why he believes they should move to a formal hearing, and take testimony under oath of both the George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

“I think it’s really important for the American people to know once and for all if in fact there were deliberate lies told that took this country into war.” Kucinich commented.

“I’m going to be putting on the table, something which everyone said was off the table, articles of impeachment.”

However, in the hours after Kucinich’s comments, news began to circulate that chairman of the Judiciary Committee John Conyers is now taking the position that no one at the hearing can accuse Bush or Cheney of any crime, any impeachable offense, dishonorable conduct, or even lying.

Conyers’ staffers have reportedly told various witnesses that according to Congressional rules he would be forced to shut down the hearing if any such accusations are made.

David Swanson of the activist website afterdowningstreet.org has more:

"Apparently the rules of Congress are designed to allow impeachable offenses to be discussed only in impeachment hearings. Apparently this didn't occur to Chairman Conyers when he decided to hold a non-impeachment impeachment hearing. As a result, his hearing may be quickly shut down, and he will have a choice of holding a real impeachment hearing, resigning, or dropping the pretense that he intends to resist Cheney and Bush in any way whatsoever."

It is still unclear whether or not these rules will apply to Dennis Kucinich in addition to all other witnesses during the session. In this sense the hearing may be rigged to be shut down before it has even begun.

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Congressman Kucinich offered the following important advice to listeners on what they can do to help his effort:

“There are a lot of things your listeners can do. Get on the phone and demand that the media cover this judiciary committee hearing on Friday. It’s not as if the media exists in a vacuum. They exist because people watch them or listen to them. ”

Kucinich also warned listeners to the nationally syndicated radio show that he believes an attack on Iran is imminent:

“All the signs that we are seeing would point to that. I really get chills because I realise the danger that our country is in right now. Not only are we in one one based on manufactured representations, but we are headed towards another.” the Congressman stated.

He alluded to the period between the election and the inauguration of the president as the period to keep an eye on for a possible attack:

“We know that there are people in Israel who are pushing it, we also know that there are people within the US government who are pushing it and we have to push back in the cause of peace and justice.”

“This is about our Constitution, this is about whether we stay a Republic and whether or not we have principles that are bedrock principles that protect our Freedoms. You cannot stay a free nation if a government will go to war based on lies and will raise the budgets of military until there isn’t room for anything else.” the Congressman concluded.

View the articles of impeachment and sign the petition at http://kucinich.us/

The hearing is scheduled for 10am on Friday. Call local and national media and demand they cover the hearing.

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