[BREAKING] AZ GOP Senator: Trump scandals are of ‘Watergate size and scale’

CBSNews – Soon after news reports circulated that President Trump had asked former FBI Director James Comey to drop an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, Arizona Sen. John McCain suggested the Trump saga is reaching a “Watergate size and scale.”

That comment came during an on-stage interview with CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Tuesday night at a dinner honoring McCain. On Wednesday, Schieffer talked with “CBS This Morning” about his conversation with McCain.

“John McCain is deeply worried about this,” Schieffer said. “I think he believes that Donald Trump is in serious trouble right now, and it it up to Donald Trump to get himself out of it.”

The former “Face the Nation” anchor also said he talked with many Republicans Tuesday night, and “their feeling is that until they get this settled, not much is going to happen with the Trump administration.” Settling that, Schieffer says, will demand more openness — “he has got to get this all out on the table once and for all. Until he does that,” he said, “we really don’t know what’s going to happen. But this thing has raised a notch.”

McCain also had tough words for Russia when Schieffer asked him about Monday’s revelation that Mr. Trump had disclosed classified information about an ISIS plot to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Envoy Sergey Kisleyak.

After calling Lavrov “an old KGB stooge” and Putin a “murderer and a thug,” McCain continued, “Being friendly with a guy whose boss, Vladimir Putin, sent sent aircraft with precision weapons to attack hospitals in Aleppo — it is unacceptable. I would never every invite him into the Oval Office.”

“When [McCain] said that, the room erupted in very heavy applause,” Schieffer recalled. “I take that to mean Republicans are becoming worried about where this goes from here.”

The Arizona Republican was interviewed by Schieffer at the International Republican Institute’s 2017 Freedom Dinner.

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