Impeachment News

Ex-Biden Chief of Staff Calls for Trump Impeachment

WashingtonExaminer – A former Joe Biden chief of staff who is currently running for Virginia lieutenant governor on Monday one-upped other state Democrats critical of President Trump by calling for his impeachment. Susan Platt in […]

Bush Era

Sen. Jim Webb Suggests Legal Action Against Bush On Iraq

By Sam Stein, Huffington Post Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) thinks legal action against the Bush administration may be needed if the president pursues a long-term military presence in Iraq without Congress’ approval. “I’m not convinced […]

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More Reps Sign Wexler’s Impeachment Letter

ImpeachPac — Congressman Wexler urges support for Cheney Impeachment Hearings The following members of Congress have joined as signatories to my letter to Chairman Conyers in support of Cheney Impeachment Hearings: (*= member of the […]

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Bush Era

Activists Pressure Rep. Bobby Scott

After Downing Street, Andrea Miller — I joined the impeachment rally yesterday at Bobby Scott’s office; it was excellent and there were about 15 people. Everyone at the rally went upstairs to Bobby Scott’s office […]